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Designing interiors to remember

I’m Marylou Sobel, founder of Marylou Sobel Interior Design. I pride myself on creating beautiful homes for my clients, showing them that crafting impeccable rooms and stylish homes can be one of the most satisfying and worthwhile experiences.

With 30 years of experience in the interior design industry, a strong aesthetic, a keen eye for detail, a passion for design and a deep love of all things beautiful, I can help take your home to the next level, whether you’re designing a new home from scratch or simply looking to refresh your current interiors.

My love for interiors means I’m always at the cutting edge of design trends, while my innate understanding of design, colour, texture and patterns (and how to bring these all together to create beautiful rooms) allows me to artfully combine modern elements with vintage, iconic and custom pieces.

Using authentic materials and fabrics to create texture is a signature feature of my designs. I’m passionate about creating stunning and functional spaces that suit your tastes and needs, resulting in enduring beauty and of course, a home that you love living in; one that becomes more precious over time.

I love working closely with my clients, as well as architects, builders and suppliers to ensure the most beautiful, stylish and long-lasting designs.

Working with my clients, I remind them that bringing more colour, texture and design into their homes will filter through every element of their life; being more in love with your home means being more in love with your life.

If you have a design project or a new home you’re working on, or if you have any questions about working with me, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

To beautiful design, always,

Marylou Sobel

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